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In 2022, after countless late-night brainstorming sessions and several cups of coffee, Mozi Medya was officially launched. The name "Mozi" was chosen for its symbolism. Just as the ancient philosopher Mozi advocated for unity and mutual respect, we at Mozi Medya believe in the power of communication to bring people together.
Our portfolio of services is a reflection of the dynamic digital landscape. We offer a comprehensive array of solutions including branding, production and post-production, web development, consulting, certified translation, and social media management. To keep pace with the changing demands of the digital world, we've evolved, adding state-of-the-art offerings like complete online shops and AI-driven perception management.

At Mozi Medya, we believe that every business has a story worth sharing. Our mission is to help you tell that story in the most compelling, creative, and effective way possible. We're not just a service provider, we're a partner on your journey to digital success. And as we look towards the future, we're excited about the limitless possibilities that the digital world has to offer.

Let us join you on this journey. Express, connect, and create with Mozi Medya.


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"Question its basis. Ask if it can be verified by the sights and senses of common people.

Ask how it is to be applied and if it will benefit the greatest number."

-Mo Tze, Against Fate


Behind Our Name

In China, more than 2,000 years ago, a philosopher named Mo Tze (Mozi) is said to have observed that light could be made to paint a picture inside a locked treasure room.

This was the description of the first camera. The camera obscura, the prototype of all image-forming cameras, including the one that's bringing you our images. Taking advantage of this funny thing that light does resulted in what could be called the first movie.

Mo Tze, master of light, worked against all forms of darkness.

A military genius who only used his talents to prevent violence, he was legendary for traveling among the kingdoms of the warring states, employing ingenious strategies to talk kings out of going to war.

He was one of the first to dream of universal love and an end to poverty and other forms of inequality; of government for the people… and to argue against blind obedience to ritual and authority.

In his writings, you can find early stirrings of the scientific approach.

By Mo Tze's time, the Chinese had already been recording their thoughts in books for at least a thousand years. Still, our knowledge of him is only fragmentary. It consists largely of the collection of essays attributed to him and his disciples.

-from "Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey" Episode 5-